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Film Production

Project that were mainly made by Me

Projects that involved a team of people

Filmic Essay (Fully Created by Me)

A Short Filmic Essay on Identity made during Covid and for University.

Erindale brick banks (Main cinematography // Edited the Intdro and credits )

A Documentry about the History and Current status of a local Skatepark in Canberra. A Documentry made for University and to bring more notice to this historical skatepark in the local region.

Voice of God - The Invasion (Fully Created by Me)

A Short Film using a Narrator to trick the audince to believe something else

The Rhythm of Lockdown (Edited by Me)

A Short Poetic Documentry showing the repeart of life during Lockdown and how everything feels the same. (Some Filming also done by me)

All shorts from my First Film Unit (Edited by Me)

This Show all the Short workshop activites that I created while doing some film units at University. All the Clips here were edited by me but filmed in groups. (Some Filming also done by me)

Love & Addiction - Short Film (Edited by Me)

A Scripted Short film I created with small group. We were task to create a short film about something. I Edited and wrote the story of the film. (Some Filming also done by me)

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