About Me

Seth Arnould is a graduated digital media student from the University of Canberra who specializes in video editing, 3D modeling, and animation. Seth also has experience in 2D animation/motion graphics, sound design, web design, filmmaking (camera work and video editing), photography, basic programming in JavaScript and C#, and general media software like the Adobe Creative Suite.

Seth has great enjoyment and is extremely passionate when creating creative work. They especially like doing animation, but Seth also enjoys creating work using different mediums and software. Currently, their favorite digital medium to create creative work is the use of 3D software (Maya or Blender) to create simple animations and models. They also love to draw random artwork digitally using software like Adobe Fresco or Photoshop. Seth enjoys trying out new digital mediums and software to expand their knowledge in the digital creative space.

Seth also has a mild interest in creating films in the real world and has taken some film production courses as an elective while attending university. They have been able to learn more skills about using a physical camera and the different ways to edit the film. During the film units, Seth has found that they like working with a camera and doing video editing and enjoyed doing these aspects of film production.

Seth has loved creating art since a young age and has self-taught and learned through school more about the creative process. Since late high school, Seth has grown a passion for animation and is aiming to focus on becoming an animator at an animation studio. They are looking to continue to develop their animation skills in a more professional setting to try and achieve their goal.

Image of Artist sethie, a sketch