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Current Animation Showreel

Animation and Motion Grapics

The Chopstick Journey - A Short Animated Film

A Short Story about about a one halve of a chopstick trying to get back to it's other halve. This Animation was done for my first Animation Unit at University.

The Way of Learning Animation - A Short Animated Film

My final project for digital media at the University of Canberra where I created a story showing the stage of how alot people learn animation by starting with a boucing ball animation, to walk cycle, to action animation.

Animation Pratice - Walk Cycle, Idle Animation, and Creative Animation

Logo animation for Artist Sethie

Board Game Trailer

The video use simple motion graphic / animation

iOCR technology - How it is done?

The video use motion graphic created in after effects. Some graphic created in photoshop. This video created for Job appication.

3D model of a Ginza line train Model of Chesse (High School Project)
Model of Chess (High School Project) Model of Chocolate bar Model of Dices (High School Project) Model of Rubnix cube
Rendered Image of Toy Train seet Rendered Image of Toy Train set, different angled
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